• Late May at the Arboretum
    a group of people on a blanket in a parkan old, gnarled live oak treemagnolia blossomhammocks beneath a tree in a parkLooking through a Japanese stone lantern in a parkKoi fish in a ponda light orange and pink rosepurple vitex treesa pink hibiscus blossomgreen bushes and a stormy skya fountain in a parka rabbit
    The Dallas Arboretum
  • Albert Brooks on Writer's Block

    Writing is solving one problem and then the next. It’s like building a house. Once you start, you have to finish… If you hired an architect and a year later you said, “What happened?” And he said, ‘I don’t know, I was blocked.’ You’d say, ‘What?!’

  • Anticipation
    Unripe green tomatoes on the vine.
  • Seize the Grey

    D. Wayne Lucas: “Watch out; he’s not gonna quit.” A fun Preakness. A beautiful horse, with 2,570 owners!

    Preakness Stakes racehorse winner, "Seize the Grey"
  • From "Hmm" to "Yes"

    I commend to your reading (and mine when I return to this diary entry in the future) this essay by Father Wesley Hill.

  • Old Friends

    Maybe not like bookends (per Paul Simon). Still, 54 years of friendship in this photo.

    Two older men.
  • Third Places

    micro.blog seems to be amazingly promising in creating an online “third place,” where a community can flourish. But an IRL third place is crucial. Here’s a good article on how that can work (or not).

  • Mom
  • Doh!

    How have I lived this long without knowing the greatness that is the sardine?

  • RIP, Frank Stella
    Painting/assemblage with many bright colors and shapes by Frank Stella
  • Well, hell, yeah
    A Martini cocktail with three olives in a cold glass on a silver tray

    Long day…

  • Could be

    While reading Annie Dillard, I wondered if she and Fred Buechner ever hung out. What a mystical/concrete pair. Some Googling might come up with the facts. But, it seems more respectful to both of them to let the possibility hang without a definite answer.

  • Where've You Been All My Life?

    What explains my not having read Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek SOMETIME in the 50 years since it was published?! Nevermind. I’m fixing that now, and am blown away.

  • Triangle Bed, May Day 2024
    Photo of yellow coreopsis flowers in a flower bed with grasses and other flowers.

    Coreopsis doing their thing; purple salvia spikes in the background.

  • The Road
    Semi-abstract painting in white, black, gray, and light blue titled 'The Road' by Nicolas de Staël 1954

    Nicolas de Staël, 1954

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