• Ruth Orkin
    Black and white photo by Ruth Orkin of two young women on a New York City street in 1948

    From a wonderfully illustrated review of a book of photographs by Ruth Orkin (1921-1985)

  • My Highest and Best Use
    sleeping dog
    1. Archie.
    2. My leg.
  • save family photos

    My dad, cousin, and sister, circa 1990. (I’m guessing). I love this pic. Nice sweater(?), sis!

    An older man, a middle-aged man, and a younger woman at a picnic.
  • Rose-Fingered Dawn

    oak tree branches in dawn sunlight

  • Who? Hoot.
  • Archie Daffodil

    dog in foreground with daffodils in the background

  • Is so a word
  • The Honest Broker

    I’m sure many of you already follow Ted Gioia. But for those who don’t, he’s one of the country’s most perceptive cultural critics, as well as being the world’s preeminent jazz historian. Check him out. It’ll be well worth your time.

  • A Good Yarn

    I’m really enjoying this audiobook of The Odyssey read by the actor, Anton Lesser. The translation by Ian Johnston is very accessible (if a bit awkward at times). I think this story has legs. 📚

  • John B. Stetson Hat

    Shadow silhouette of a person wearing a cowboy hat

  • Right Now | Kenneth Fields

    It’s nineteen years today since he last held
    A drink in his hand or held his breath while smoke
    Filled as much of him as he could stand
    Till, letting it out, he sought oblivion
    Of the trace of memory or anticipation,
    And his life fell into a death spiral. Since then
    He’s been around folks like him. When he’s been asked,
    And sometimes, eager, when he hasn’t been,
    He talks to the ones who are not even sure
    They want to learn how to stop killing themselves.
    That feeling still seems close to him some days.
    Right now he’s okay, and that’s enough, right now.

    RIP, Ken. You were important in my life.

  • Things I Really Like: an Ongoing List
    • Birdsong
    • Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
    • Archie
    • Tamales
    • Black licorice
    • Woodsmoke
    • Good Table Talk (more often, actually, Bar Talk)
    • a Ploughman's Lunch in a pub's garden
  • Springing

    daffodils along an iron fence growing up through dead oak leavescherry tree blossom bud

    a chandelier made of teacups fantastical faces sculpted in colorful clay plate of Thai food featuring a pyramid of rice
  • "we fly at dawn"

    sunrise out of a plane window

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