• Una Escaramuza - Mothered by Aunts and Horses

    Charra en un caballo. Photo credit: Constance Jaeggi

    Photo: Constance Jaeggi (a tip of the Hatlo Hat to @ayjay)
  • Across the Alley in the Golden Hour

    Shadows of trees against the side of a garage.
  • Wascally

  • Grateful

    Dallas got hit by 80 mph winds yesterday. Not surprisingly, lots of homes, ~630,000, lost power, ours included. But almost exactly 12 hours later, our lights were back on. I think that’s an impressive response. Thank you to the men and women who did that!

  • Late May at the Arboretum

    a group of people on a blanket in a parkan old, gnarled live oak treemagnolia blossomhammocks beneath a tree in a parkLooking through a Japanese stone lantern in a parkKoi fish in a ponda light orange and pink rosepurple vitex treesa pink hibiscus blossomgreen bushes and a stormy skya fountain in a parka rabbit
    The Dallas Arboretum
  • Triangle Bed, May Day

    Photo of yellow coreopsis flowers in a flower bed with grasses and other flowers.

    Coreopsis doing their thing; purple salvia spikes in the background.

  • Rose-Fingered Dawn

    oak tree branches in dawn sunlight

  • John B. Stetson Hat

    Shadow silhouette of a person wearing a cowboy hat

  • Springing

    daffodils along an iron fence growing up through dead oak leavescherry tree blossom bud

  • Sunrise Valentines 📷
    3 Valentine heart decorations in a tree at sunrise
  • Elm Street, Dallas

    Vintage photo of Elm Street in Dallas at night, with neon Pegasus sign atop a building in the distance
    1942 📷

  • Lovers 📷
    Birds on power lines against a stormy sky.
  • from The Great Good Place by Ray Oldenburg /
    ... the third place tavern combines drinking with conversation such that each improves the other. The talking/drinking synergism is basic to the pub, tavern, taverna, bistro, saloon, estaminet, osteria -- whatever it is called and wherever it is found... [J]ust as conversation is enhanced by the temperate use of alcohol, the artful and witty game of conversation moderates consumption of liquor. As Tibor Scitovsky remarked with respect to those who know how to use a public drinking facility, "a half-pint of beer is to talk as bed is to making love -- one can do without, but does better with.”
  • At the coffee shop
    turquoise-colored chest with decorative wood work and plants on top 📷
  • Loo Art
    stenciled skeletons painted on a restroom wall stenciled cowboys on horseback in silouhette painted on a restroom wall
    Lee Harvey's, Dallas. Tx
  • My town in the Golden Hour

    Downtown Dallas, Texas USA

    Old Red Courthouse. A red stone Romanesque-style building. A mosaic sunburst on the facade of a downtown Dallas chapel. Downtown Dallas crosswalk with tall buildings behind. Early 1900s red brick low-story building with a glass-fronted skyscraper behind.
  • Public Art
    "Tree Sleeves" on Kneeling Bois d'arc, Tietze Park, Dallas, Texas, USA bright blue, red, and pink chalk markings on the branches of a Texas bois d'arc tree in a Dallas park
  • Sorolla

    Really lovely paintings. “Spanish Light: Sorolla in American Collections” through January 7, 2024, Meadows Museum, SMU Campus, Dallas, Texas - Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (Spanish, 1863–1923) 🎨

    Oil painting - seashore with a small boat with a billowing sail and small naked children playing in the waves
  • 23 Oct 2023, 07:29
    Sunrise with orangey-pink wispy clouds taken in a complex of early 1900s industrial buildings in Dallas, Texas USA on October 21, 2023
  • Supermoon setting. 30 Sept 2023
  • Mike and Pete walk into a bar ...
    Man with long hair and beard wearing a black baseball cap and holding his Basenji dog Cute alt= alt=
  • Lower Greenville, Saturday morning

  • depends
    Pinkish-red brick wall with a vertical grout seam in white-cream beside the corner of a black table and green chair.
    "so much depends upon a green chair beside the brick wall ... "
    WCW kind of morning. 📷
  • New gifts every morning
    sunrise on clouds, Dallas TX USA
  • Of blessed memory
    Cowboys entering a barbecue restaurant - Painting by Jon Flaming (Am. 1962-), Peggy Sue BBQ, Dallas, TX Jon Flaming (Am. 1962-), Peggy Sue BBQ, Dallas

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