• Trout Mountain, 06.18.2024, 5:58 am /
    Mountain in dawn sunlight; small dog in foreground
  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea

    Oak Leaf Hydrangea blooming in a backyard .

    More sweet life.

  • The Sweet Life

    A happy tan lying in the sun in front of a bright green door 🐶

  • Maggie
    As an adult, my family has had three dogs. Sweet, sweet Maggie (officially, Margaret Rose) was the first.

    Early Maggie (and early kids):
    Three kids and and a 
sweet dog

    Late Maggie:
    A sweet dog

  • Morning, Archie (Morning Archie)
    Small brown dog lying in a sunny spot on a patterned rug.
  • My Highest and Best Use
    sleeping dog
    1. Archie.
    2. My leg.
  • Archie Daffodil

    dog in foreground with daffodils in the background

  • After an illness, walking the dog | Jane Kenyon
    Wet things smell stronger,
    and I suppose his main regret is that
    he can sniff just one at a time.
    In a frenzy of delight
    he runs way up the sandy road—
    scored by freshets after five days
    of rain. Every pebble gleams, every leaf. 
    When I whistle he halts abruptly
    and steps in a circle,
    swings his extravagant tail.
    The he rolls and rubs his muzzle
    in a particular place, while the drizzle
    falls without cease, and Queen Anne’s lace
    and Goldenrod bend low.
    The top of the logging road stands open
    and light. Another day, before
    hunting starts, we’ll see how far it goes,
    leaving word first at home.
    The footing is ambiguous.
    Soaked and muddy, the dog drops,
    panting, and looks up with what amounts
    to a grin. It’s so good to be uphill with him,
    nicely winded, and looking down on the pond.
    A sound commences in my left ear
    like the sound of the sea in a shell;
    a downward, vertiginous drag comes with it.
    Time to head home. I wait
    until we’re nearly out to the main road
    to put him back on the leash, and he
    —the designated optimist—
    imagines to the end that he is free.
  • Christmas scenes 2023

  • handsome archie

    a tan mini-goldendoodle (Golden Retriever/Poodle mix) looking upwards
  • If I were to open a pub, perhaps it would be "The Lamb & Puppy."

    Sleeping mini goldendoodle dog on a blue couch with a toy lamb in its mouth🐶

  • Mini Goldendoodle dog asleep on a vibrant blue couch with a toy lamb it its mouth

    Archie’s binky. 🐶📷

  • Less is more; Not.
    Per my true love (via Robt. Venturi), "Less is a bore." Archie (and I) like it!

    bedroom with giant green leaves and pink flowers on the wall, a blue flowered bedspread, an orange small blanket, blue pillows, and mini goldendoodle dog sitting on the bed
    🐶 📷

  • archie's world
    an image of a dog in a field compared to to an Andrew Wyeth painting
  • Pals or, maybe, Frenemies
    Basenji and Mini Goldendoodle dogs sitting in chairs
  • love this photo 🐶
  • Chairman Archie presiding 🐶

    “The meeting will come to order.”

  • Watch out for that dino-dragon, Archie!
  • Blue. Ewok.
  • Sun Dog
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