• The Snowy Day
    Snow-covered tree branches seen through a window with a grate and stained-glass panels Snow-covered tree branches seen through a window with a grate Snow-covered tree branches seen through a window

    Snow-covered tree branches seen through a window with a grate

  • the moon and stars ... just talkin'
    Moon and stars through tree branches
  • Superb Owl Sunday

    from The Atlantic

  • Fascinating to learn during the Super Bowl halftime ads that the NFL is working to bring traumatic brain injuries to Ghanaians and the rest of the globe.

  • Willie: Evidence that God Loves Us
    Willie Nelson playing his guitar, Trigger
  • After an illness, walking the dog | Jane Kenyon
    Wet things smell stronger,
    and I suppose his main regret is that
    he can sniff just one at a time.
    In a frenzy of delight
    he runs way up the sandy road—
    scored by freshets after five days
    of rain. Every pebble gleams, every leaf. 
    When I whistle he halts abruptly
    and steps in a circle,
    swings his extravagant tail.
    The he rolls and rubs his muzzle
    in a particular place, while the drizzle
    falls without cease, and Queen Anne’s lace
    and Goldenrod bend low.
    The top of the logging road stands open
    and light. Another day, before
    hunting starts, we’ll see how far it goes,
    leaving word first at home.
    The footing is ambiguous.
    Soaked and muddy, the dog drops,
    panting, and looks up with what amounts
    to a grin. It’s so good to be uphill with him,
    nicely winded, and looking down on the pond.
    A sound commences in my left ear
    like the sound of the sea in a shell;
    a downward, vertiginous drag comes with it.
    Time to head home. I wait
    until we’re nearly out to the main road
    to put him back on the leash, and he
    —the designated optimist—
    imagines to the end that he is free.
  • Sunrise Valentines 📷
    3 Valentine heart decorations in a tree at sunrise
  • Orange You Grateful for Orange(s)?
    Orange slice on an orange tray
  • Elm Street, Dallas

    Vintage photo of Elm Street in Dallas at night, with neon Pegasus sign atop a building in the distance
    1942 📷

  • Ancient DNA maps migration in the Roman Empire


  • Lovers 📷
    Birds on power lines against a stormy sky.
  • Here goes 🌱

    One of the benefits of gardening in the South. January 27: tomatoes are sprouting and onions are planted.

    tomato seedlings onion sets planted in a vegetable garden
  • For savory breakfast types

    Eureka! I finally discovered a good use for whey left over from yogurt-making. Add it to the pot when cooking steel-cut oatmeal. Makes for a delicious tangy breakfast. (BTW, the soft-boiled egg and s.c. oatmeal combo is dynamite.) 🍳

  • Fellowship - Christian Wiman
    Tragedy and Christianity are incommensurable,
    he declared, which we’d have chalked to bluster
    had he not, within the month, held a son
    hot from the womb but cold to his kiss,
    and over a coffin compact as a toolbox wept
    in the wrecked unreachable way that most resist,
    and that all of us, where we are most ourselves,
    turn away from.
                                  Bonded and islanded 
    by the silence, we waited there,
    desperate, with our own pains, to believe,
    desperate, with our own pains, not to.

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